Expounding the More Perfect Way….Jesus Christ and Him Crucified Acts 18:24-28

Welcome to our ministry.  This site is geared towards expository teaching of the bible where we take the original meaning and intent of God’s Word from it’s Hebrew and Greek translation.  We are not here to give our opinions but a true understanding of God’s Word centered around Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.  We are an online ministry here to help you understand how to apply God’s Word to your daily lives.  Jesus Christ is the answer to every problem we will ever face in this life, our faith must be squarely placed in His atoning work at Calvary on a daily basis.  For this is the route to true Victory!  We have a weekly Teleconference Bible Study where you can call in from your telephone and ask questions and participate every Tuesday @ 6:45pm EST here in the USA.  The number to dial is (712)432-3900 and enter code 730746 followed by the # to join in.  To contact us via email at or look us up on Facebook and Youtube under the title “Understanding God’s Word Ministry”  or Minister Shonette Peterkin.  Thanks for visiting us!

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