This website is geared towards expository teaching of the KJV bible.  Our purpose is to center the bible on God’s Redemption Plan for the Ages, Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. We are here to expound or explain the Word of God according to it’s original intent and meaning and not according to man’s own private interpretation and traditions. Matthew 15:6-9

                                                         What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Salvation is a three part process.  The first step is Justification, once the sinner sees himself in need of a Savior, the Holy Spirit, by faith in the atonement of Christ, justifies him and  the wrath of God  is now settled and the sin debt is paid in full.  Secondly, Sanctification deals with our present condition, and requires that we continue to exhibit faith in Calvary as the power of the Spirit frees us from sin’s dominion over us. Lastly, Glorification deals with our future when sin will be totally removed from our presence. 

                                                 Baptized With the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ - The Way
Importance of being baptized with the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the Executor or Power of the Godhead. Anything that God will do will be done by way of the Holy Spirit.  Once the sinner comes to Christ., he is in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit who comes and lives or abide in Him.  The second encounter is to be endued by the Power of the Spirit where Jesus actually endows us with the Spirit’s Power to do service of ministry here in the earth



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