Crucified With Christ pt. 2

Topic of discussion is “Crucified With Christ” Romans 6, Galatians 2:20-21

To be crucified with Christ is to be dead (the power of the flesh, sin….etc no longer dominates you) to the world system, religion, self, sin and Satan. It means that we no longer strive to live for self, nor our old life as we have known it. The passions and lust which controlled us before Salvation should be nailed (destroyed) to His Cross. This is necessary so that the life of Christ can be manifested through us.

Too many of us give our lives to Christ and then try to live for God based upon our old way of living, thinking, traditions and self efforts. The only way that the life of Christ can be revealed through you and I, as believers, is if we place our focus and faith not on our ministry, not on our gifts and abilities, and not on works but on where we began this Christian life which is by faith in the Cross of Christ and where we shall end this life by exhibiting faith in the Cross of Christ.

Understand that just because one operates in a gift or ability does not mean that one is living a crucified life. Our character must be changed to match that of Christ and the process of denying self must be applied daily. This is a spiritual work which can only be done by the Holy Spirit when our faith is properly placed in the Cross of Christ.

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