Expounding the More Perfect Way….Jesus Christ and Him Crucified Acts 18:24-28
By Frances Swaggart

Hebrews 10:26 –“For if we sin willfully (the ‘willful sin’ is the transference of faith from Christ and Him crucified to other things) after that we have received the knowledge of the truth (speaks of the Bible way of salvation and victory, which is ‘Jesus Christ and Him crucified’ [I Cor. 2:2]), there remains no more sacrifice for sins(if the Cross of Christ is rejected, there is no other sacrifice or way God will accept).

SO, USING HIS PEACE Plan to solve the five “global giants” of the world (spiritual empti-ness, [corrupt] leadership, poverty, disease, and illiteracy), Rick Warren communicates tothe people that defeating global giants is worth any cost! In the name of missions, social action will take precedence above all else.  Warren goes on to say that these problems are so big that everybody has failed to solve them. Warren said, “The United States has failed, and the United Nations has failed as well.  Nobody has solved these five problems because the solution needs a three-legged stool. For the stability of a nation, you must have strong healthy government, strong healthy business, and strong healthy churches. A three-legged stool will have sta-bility. So, I am going from country to country teaching business its role, teaching church its role, and teaching government leaders their roles because you have to work together.

We cannot solve the problems in your country or the world if we won’t work together. You see, unity is the name of the game!”  Unity is also a part of the new gospel that is being preached, but this type of unity is unbiblical! Unity is taught in the Bible, but it refers to the unity of belief and doctrine, not to unity with unbelievers and/or false doctrine.

Now, the natural result of believers associating with the world is that the believers will not be able to preach against sin. If they do, the unity will quickly be broken.  Even if you unite with those inside the church that teach false doctrine, you will end up compromising your position of truth. You will either influence them or they will influence you. Paul tells us in I Corinthians 15:33: “Be not deceived(the statement actually says, ‘Do not go on being deceived!’ meaning that many Corinthians had already been deceived into believing there was no resurrection): evil communications corrupt good manners (should have been translated, ‘evil occasions corrupt excellent morals’).”

1. Every wind of doctrine pushes its audience this way and that way, and few Christians are able to resist it. Their teachings for years have moved the

church into a wrong direction.

2.  Many precious Christians started off with good intentions only to find themselves shipwrecked alongside the others they

befriended. Standing for the truth and giving a good defense of the Gospel is more important to God than friendships that could cause you to compromise the

Gospel. Here, it is the truth of Scripture that matters first, not someone’s ministry or who he is. Jesus told the people the truth

and offended the religious crowd. Nothing has changed today if you stand for the truth of Scripture. Those who are exposed will

always respond in anger. Just expect it!

One only has to look at the condition that the world is in today to see that his mission plan has not succeeded. Our government is in the worst shape it has been in since it was founded. Business

is so full of corruption that it is in total disarray, and the church is anything but healthy. The church in America overall is weak and weary not strong, not well, not healthy. It has a diminishing voice because its message has been watered down to the point that it has lost its integrity, and its leaders are not leading.There are damnable doctrines that have been brought into the church today, such as The Purpose Driven Life and its agenda, with that being “modern religion.”  In all of Rick Warren’s PEACE Plan, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not mentioned.

In order to partner with the other religions of the world, it must be left out because the preaching of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection would be a stumbling block. The Muslims and the Hindus would not partner with him if that message was the focal point. The whole premise of the five giants of the world is untrue. There is only one giant that needs to be defeated and that is sin. Sin is what produces all of the other problems. Mankind’s problem is sin but that is not even addressed here. Until it is addressed as such, man’s problems will not be solved. Jesus Christ is the remedy for sin and until the world accepts Him, we will always have poverty, disease, illiteracy, corrupt leadership, and spiritual emptiness.  Compare the statement of Rick Warren with that of John Foster Dulles, and you will easily see this is not about Jesus Christ, but it’s about the social gospel for a one-world religion.

One-world government means one-world religion.  What we really see here is not the truth of the Bible being taught, but rather a change agent at work, changing the hearts of men away from Jesus to “another Jesus.” Rick Warren is the change agent and The Purpose Driven Life and The Purpose Driven Church are the means to achieving change.  Churches by the thousands are falling for this lie. Jesus Christ and His redeeming power to save man from his evil ways is being replaced by the false gospel of servitude. Serving man rather than Jesus Christ is the message of the false prophets of this day. They, of course, will deny this, but we will in this article examine their message. Of course, the false gospel of the Word of Faith teaching on positive confession for health and prosperity has become the norm. Christian television has become the extension for the false teachers of money. They have a monopoly on the airwaves. They preach an unbiblical pseudo-scheme called “s e e d  f a i t h.”

I think we could even call it a Ponzi scheme. They are removing the money from faithful Christians to themselves. The preachers become richer while the average layman becomes poorer. Their teachings for years have moved the church in the wrong direction. This affects evangelism, discipleship, and tithing. Tithing is no longer giving to God because we love Him and want to help further the message of Jesus to a hurting and dying world. The message today is about giving to get rich. This is man’s gospel and not the message of the Bible. We have every wind of doctrine being preached through the airwaves and in the church.  All of this is being preached by men claiming to be Spirit-filled, anointed prophets and apostles, but they themselves are without the Spirit, are carnally minded, or have succumbed to another spirit. The Bible says that if they do not speak according to its Word, they have no light in them. Isaiah 8:20 states,

“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them. (The great question should always be, and about any situation, ‘Is it biblical?’)


~F. Swaggart

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